7. Advanced case studies

“Minnesota’s largest school district needed to facilitate better communications between teachers and administrators dispersed throughout the district. WebEx’s online meeting and collaboration tools provided the answer—reducing travel costs while improving staff efficiency and productivity as well as increasing the educational opportunities for the districts students through video conferencing and improved teaching methods.”

“GoToMeeting with HDFaces makes it easy to interact with end users in their homes or workspaces to show and discuss a concept or prototype. This qualitative approach not only provides extremely valuable, specific feedback, it also saves time and money.” Brian Roderman Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer

“Chef Robin Blair of Cleveland-based Cooking with C.A.R.E. worked as a trained chef in a restaurant, but decided to slow down and focus more on motherhood once she had her son. She started her business in 2006, when a friend called asking for help. ‘His wife bought all this food and had no idea what to do with it’”.