Thought Leadership Interviews

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Please visit this section to view a library of live ON AIR video interviews and digitally recorded videos CATA conducted with thought leaders, each offering specific insights in advancing digital adoption in Canada.

Namir Anani

Namir Anani, President & CEO of the ICTC Council, provides a perspective on Canada’s digital adoption challenges and then points to several areas for engagement and action by the public and private sectors.

Damon Ramsey

Damon Ramsey, MD and founder of, calls for accelerating the development and deployment of digital technologies to improve the delivery of heath care services to our citizens.

William (Bill) Hutchison

William (Bill) Hutchison, Chair for i-CANADA, member of the CATA Leadership Council and veteran innovator and business leader, talks about the ingredients for accelerating the adoption of digital technologies by Canadian communities – live from Moscow.

David Large

David Large, Vice President of University Advancement and Dean of Sandermoen School of Business – at the University of Fredericton, talks about the evolution and trends of on-line teaching technology and how lifelong professional development will help address the digital skills gap.

Julie King

Julie King, Co-Founder & President of the Biz-Zone Internet Group, talks about how tech adoption can be accelerated in the SME sectors.

Kim Adolphe

Kim Adolphe, President/CEO of Gemini Performance Solutions and member of the CanWIT (Women in Tech) Advisory Board, provides us with insight into digital technology adoption in Canada.

Glenn O'Farrell

Glenn O’Farrell, President & CEO of Group Media TFO, discusses the critical role of content in advancing our digital adoption metrics.

Russ Roberts

Russ Roberts, CATA’s Sr. VP of Advocacy, provides insight into desirable changes to Canada’s business climate – in order to spur the adoption of digital technologies.

Al McCully

Al McCully, General Manager Development Services, of Parkland County – now on the list of Smart 21 Intelligent Communities – explains how hi s community achieved its success.

Josh Blair

Josh Blair,  Executive VP of Human Resources & Chief Corporate Officer for TELUS, offers ideas on how to accelerate digital adoption in Canada through a mobile workforce.

Micheál J. Kelly

Micheál J. Kelly, Dean of the School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University and member CATA Leadership Council, details what it will take to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies by Canadian enterprises – particularly in the area of growing leadership talent.

Gary Davenport

Gary Davenport, VP/IT at MTS Allstream and Chair/CIO Association of Canada, summarizes a CIO view of accelerating technology adoption.

Lidia Divry

Lidia Divry, Executive Director for TechnoMontreal, explains how Montreal Metropolitan achieved its Smart 21 Intelligent community ranking.

Shawn Cruise

Shawn Cruise, member of the CATA Leadership Council and VP of Adobe, offers ideas on how to accelerate digital adoption with a focus on mobilized content.

Joshua Landry

Joshua Landry, MD & Co-Founder of Figure 1, talks about the challenges of taking his product to market and goes into how social media is impacting health care.

Kristina Verner

Kristina Verner, Executive Director for Toronto Waterfront – now a Top 7 Intelligent Community – explains how Toronto achieved this top ranking.

Meg Beckel

Meg Beckel, President & CEO of the Canadian Museum of Nature, shares her observations on the challenges of digital adoption.

Allan Mayo

Allan Mayo, UK lead for smart cities, shares his views on why the U.K. is focussing adopting a Smart Cities strategy.

Dan Pontefract

Dan Pontefract, Chief Envisioner for TELUS, delves into the importance of organizational culture to accelerating digital adoption.

Steven Woodward

Steven Woodward, CEO of Cloud-Perspectives,  describes Canada’s lagging Cloud First digital adoption.