Advanced case studies

7. Advanced case studies “Minnesota’s largest school district needed to facilitate better communications between teachers and administrators dispersed throughout the district. WebEx’s online meeting and collaboration tools provided the answer—reducing travel costs while improving staff efficiency and productivity as well as increasing the educational opportunities for the districts students through video conferencing and improved teaching […]

How can I finance my web conferencing project?

6. How can I finance my web conferencing project? If you want to invest in web conferencing but would rather not use your short-term working capital, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) can help. BDC offers technology loans to entrepreneurs who want to invest in hardware, software and consulting services. You also benefit from […]

Introductory videos for high level solutions

5. Introductory videos for high level solutions WebEx Cisco offers other collaboration products, however, one the most important for small to medium sized companies is WebEx, a video conferencing solution to communicate, share screen and record. GoToMeeting GoToMeeting is a simple communication platform with which you can hold meetings with up to 25 attendees. You […]

Key Features of Web Conferencing Tools

4. Key Features of Web Conferencing Tools: Web Conferencing software, offered by a variety of companies, allows workers of the digital age communicate virtually, conduct online meetings and thus save considerable resources and time. There are a number of software features that may benefit small businesses. Below is a list of possible features: Application Sharing […]

Overview of solutions

3. Overview of solutions There are a number of web conferencing solutions and most of them provide a visual interactive digital technology, with which you can easily reach your teammates, create a collaborative virtual work space, reduce traveling costs and save time. Almost any solution provider offers a free version of their software, which might […]

Benefits of using web conferencing technologies

2. Benefits of using web conferencing technologies With a web conferencing solution: You will use (free) internet technologies for meeting online, You will save time and reduce their long distance communication costs You will reduce travel, eliminate geographic barriers You will share files You will share your screen, the exact work you are doing in […]

What is at stake?

1. What is at stake? The nature of “work” in digital economies and meaning of “going to work” or “being in the office” have changed[1]. There is a growing trend in remote working; more and more employees work from home or they have to be in other locations. Percentage of virtual employees is thought to […]