ICTC continues to adjust its proprietary labour market demand outlook model to enhance its precision. This model is able to predict municipal, provincial, and national demand for the following 15 occupations and can be expanded to predict demand for 690 occupations:

Index National Occupational Classification (NOC) Occupation Title
1 0131 telecommunication carrier managers
2 0213 computer and information system managers
3 2133 electrical and electronics engineers
4 2147 computer engineers
5 2171 information systems analysts and consultants
6 2172 database analysts and data administrators
7 2173 software engineers
8 2174 computer programmers and interactive media developers
9 2175 web designers and developers
10 2241 electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians
11 2281 computer network technicians
12 2282 user support technicians
13 2283 systems testing technicians
14 5224 broadcast technicians
15 5241 graphic designers and illustrators

A counterpart labour market supply outlook model has also been developed that provides insight into current labour market supply and signals likely demand-supply imbalances for the forecast period. Combined results from the two models facilitate informed individual decision making with respect to selecting field of studies, jobs, and careers and collective decision making with respect to policies and programs.

A note of caution to bear in mind is that these projections carry assumptions that may change in the future. Hence, demand-supply outlooks for an occupation in a particular province may not be as robust as the models predict. The findings are intended to be indicative only.