The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a centre of expertise in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research, policy development and workforce solutions.  ICTC enables industries to maintain a competitive advantage in a global market and develop Canada’s future skilled and innovative talent.

Organizational Needs

Find the right talent to support business growth

Explore alternative recruitment solution and hire talent from overseas.

Access to a talent pool with extensive international work experience and highly qualified professionals.

Continue organization capacity building and increase employee satisfaction

Support employee professional development and career pathing solutions.

Increase brand awareness and reach out to more potential customers

Access to invaluable resources and tools for individuals and innovative businesses on the leading-edge of the digital economy.

Expand business but also want to lower cost

Access to a government funded wage subsidy program.

Hire eligible unemployed or underemployed graduates that will bring passion, energy, and skills to your company.

Need first hand data and be on top of the market

Access to research at national, provincial and/or industry levels.

Obtain the largest and most rigorous ICT data analysis and research infrastructure in Canada

Research and Consulting Services

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Provide more professional development opportunities to employee but with manageable cost

Sign up as a coach and receive 2-day FREE executive training.

Get opportunity to expand business network.

Coach an internationally educated professional (IEPs) and develop coaching and leadership skills

Coaching to Career Program Sign up as a COACH today

Understand technology and to boost my productivity and performance.

By developing digital competencies and training modules for non-IT professionals as they transition from mid- to senior-career roles, participants will have a better understanding of the impact and potential of technology to improve their businesses.

ICT Professional Needs

Need to understand my competitiveness in the Canadian labour market

Conduct online assessment whenever and wherever you go.

Learn from the easiest way. Take the advantage of all the FREE online training.

Understand the job opportunities and labour market trends

Allows real-time monitoring and forecasting of Canada’s ICT workforce requirements and trends, impacting the ICT sector and other sectors of the economy.

New to Canada and need support to understand the Canadian labour market and increase my competitiveness

Learn Workplace Culture, Competencies, and Communications.

Connect with experience industry coach and expand professional network